Not all locks are created equally. As you shop the lock aisle at your local hardware store, you quickly become overwhelmed with the options. There are three things you should consider when buying a lock.

Key Control: If you give your keys to anyone else, even for a short time, will they be able to make a copy without your knowledge or permission.


Key is protected against unauthorized duplication by utility patents. This offers additional protection against such physical attacks as drilling, pulling, wrenching or kicking.


Keys are protected against unauthorized duplication by patent.


Offer the minimum level of security available. Keys can be copied at over one million locations in the U.S. Some keys are stamped “do not duplicate,’ but offer no legal protection against unauthorized duplication.

Physical Strength: How well will the lock withstand abuse such as kicking or jimmying? In addition to strong locks, the strike needs to have reinforcement to the door frame with 2”- 3” screws.

Durability: Will the lock stand upon to years of use without failing or becoming difficult to operate.


Lock Rating                        Strengh*                                      Life Span

  • Grade 1                   Grade 1 & 2 test+

                                            2 blows @ 150 ft-lbf                              11 years

  • Grade 2                   Grade 3 test +

                                            2 blows @ 120 ft-lbf                              5 years

  • Grade 3                   2 blows @ 60 ft-lbf+

                                            2 blows @ 90 ft-lbf                                3 years

  • Ungraded                Unkown. Generally less than

                                Grade 3 standards          

 * Number of blows required to cause lock to fail

**  Assuming 10 lock or unlock cycles per day

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